A big week for XBLA with 4 releases this Wednesday

XBLA: This Week On XBLA – Virtual On OT, Banjo Tooie, Hasbro FGN’s Sorry! And The Maw DLC

bntvirtualOn.jpg“The arcade classic CYBER TROOPERS VIRTUAL-ON ORATORIO TANGRAM comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade! Keeping the classic mech fighting style, Virtual-On returns enhanced with intense HD graphics and a thrilling 1-on-1 online multiplayer battle mode.”

Virtual On will be on sale this Wednesday for 1,200MSP.

Click here for the official Xbox.com splash page

Click here for screenshots of VOOT

Click here for footage of the game in action

btooiexbla.jpg“For Banjo-Tooie‘s return in 2009, the responsibility of porting the game to Xbox Live Arcade has once again fallen to 4J Studios. This means you can expect the same level of audiovisual gloss applied to Banjo-Kazooie in 2008 – and Tooie was already several steps above Kazooie on the technological ladder even back in the day with its interactive soundtrack, overhauled camera system and ramped-up textures and lighting effects.

“The original Tooie dev team have also been involved and suggested some updates of their own, mainly UI tweaks that they felt were right to introduce given the benefit of hindsight. The framerate has been given a boost, the addition of Leaderboards and Achievements goes without saying, and extra Stop ‘n’ Swop connectivity is also promised for the XBLA version to soothe the anxieties of those still haunted by the mystery eight-and-a-half years on.”

Banjo-Tooie will be available everywhere for 1,200MSP.

Click here for screenshots of Banjo-Tooie

Click here for the official Xbox.com splash page.

hasbrofgnsorry.jpgThis week the next latest addition to Hasbro Family Game Night – Sorry! will be available. It will be available everywhere for 800MSP.

mawwbannerdefault.jpgTwisted Pixel have announced that the third and final DLC for The Maw called “Speeder Lane” is coming out next Wednesday, April 29th for Xbox LIVE Arcade at the usual price of 100 MS points or $1.25. “We saved the best for last, as this level has a new speeder vehicle mode, new boss battle, and new scenes showing Maw being his dumb hungry self.”

Click here to watch the trailer for Speeder Lane



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