Xbox Live Community Game of the week – Rabbid Gophers

Game of the week. 19th April ‘09

Rabid Gophers by Quantum Squid is a simple Whack a Mole style game with plenty of button bashing required. There are three game modes Gopher Blast, Gopher Bombs and Gophers Sniper all have a healthy level of blood and guts. Kill the gophers and save the farm.

All the game modes require you to kill the gophers before they attack, with the little critters coming along with steadily faster progress the game play gets fast and furious very quickly and you soon find yourself panicking to press the requisite button in time.

Rabid Gophers is a polished little game and at 200 points it is definitely worth the price, I just feel that it could have been so much more. The leaderboards currently only show the top 15, which I for one will never be good enough to get on and it has missed a major opportunity by not having a multiplayer option. Let’s hope that we see Rabid Gophers Party released as a game, with a couple of more mini games and a party mode this game would have got a 5 joysticks (excellent) rating. As it is I would still recommend that you give it a try and give it a score of 4 joysticks (good).


Developer: QuantumSquid
Genre: Shooter
Price: 200

Players 1, HDTV 720p, Custom Soundtracks

Ratings: Violence: 3/3, Sex: 0/3, Mature: 0/3
Last Updated: April 11, 2009

Kill the gophers. Save the farm. Rabid Gophers is a series of reaction based mini-games where players blast, detonate and snipe away rabid gophers in order to achieve the best time. Play for hours to master each mini-game and attain LIVE Leaderboard bragging rights, or just hop in and play some quick games when you only have a few minutes. Share best times locally and over Xbox Live.

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