Interview with Adam Holmes developer of Ocean Scenes

How did you first get involved with independent game development?

Actually, I don’t really consider myself an indie developer. Rather, I prefer to think of myself as a hobbyist. I’ve been tinkering with game development now for awhile, and the introduction of profit to the equation doesn’t change my outlook on it. If I focused more on profit, I’d lose the fun I get out of it, and that would probably translate negatively into my games as well.

I started playing around with game programming way back in 1993 when I was about 13 years old. For the most part, I was editing pre-existing QBasic (Microsoft’s answer to the Basic programming language) programs and games or making my own simple ones. Over the years I tried a few different things, included GBA programming and Flash but never really had the time/motivation to really get into it for various reasons.

When my children were born, I was able to take some parental leave from work and this opened a door for me. I spent the day taking care of the kids as a mild-mannered parent, but at night I became something more – the sleepless game programmer! I delved further into the world of Flash, posting stuff on my own website and Newgrounds, a popular flash games/movie site, and really started having fun with it. This was about a year or so ago, and ever since I’ve been pretty consistently working on something at any given time.

Read the whole interview here:


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