Carrum press release











Press release from  M.Star Games husband and
wife team, Mike and Charlotta Bergenstjerna

The classic, simple, addictive game
of Carrum comes to Xbox 360

Played and loved by millions all over the world, and
known to some as the “Grandfather of Pool”, Carrum
is pure, simple gaming pleasure. Trick shots are the
norm, and winning with style is a must. Take on
your Xbox, your friends, and the world!

Simple – like all the best games
Carrum is a simple game to understand and enjoy.
Played on a square, framed wooden table with a
pocket in each corner, pool fans will feel right at
home. Using your Striker, pot all of your men and
the red Queen to grab the win before your
opponents. Choose between “Frames play”, where
you pot the Queen last (just like the 8-ball in Pool),
and “Points play”. This traditional form of the game
sees points awarded at the end of each frame
according to the number of men your opponent has
First man to 23 points bags the props!
Whatever way you play, you’ll love the game!

With classic and contemporary board and striker
designs, you’ll always be playing Carrum in style.
Coupled with understated visual effects, luxurious
playing environment, and custom soundtrack you’ll
be feeling like a king as you take on all comers!
Written and tested by Carrum fans for the love of the
game, Carrum doesn’t come up short. A solid physics
engine makes the game as close to real as you can
get – without getting chalk-dust on your fingers!
Play with up to 4 players, with up to 4 controllers, or
let the Xbox take the strain. And like all Xbox LIVE
Community games, Carrum has been tested to
destruction by the most demanding gamers of all –
other game writers – and the full version is all yours
for pocket change!

With Carrum, you get more than satisfaction from
your wins. Bonus table designs and new strikers are
unlocked as you make your mark. Play 10 games,
win 10 games, pot 2 men in one shot, pot from the
break, win an Xbox LIVE! Game, and hit other
achievements for more choices, more style and more

Quick Feature Guide

Local games: 1, 2 or 4 players

AI Player can take the place of any
or all human players in 4-player

Use up to 4 controllers.

GamerPic and GamerTag integration
when signed in to controller

Win bonus table and striker designs
Xbox LIVE! Games: 2 or 4 players

All the features of local games, no AI
Customizable options

Table friction

Controller vibrate

Camera angles

Toggle visual effects

Choose carrummen set (Classic or
Custom Soundtrack

Chilled, funky soundtrack

Simple, understated sound effects


5 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Carrum has just been released onto the XBox LIVE Marketplace and is available for download now. We hope you enjoy the game!


  2. I have bought Carrum and am really enjoying it, I’m looking forward to trying it in four player mode.

  3. Hey thanks, that’s kind of you! You can always play 4-player game over LIVE!, and invite your friends!

  4. A substantial update to Carrum is winging it’s way through Peer Review at the moment. This update adds quite a bit to the game – a Time Attack one-player mode, instant replays, an in-game tutorial system, improved network games, and bigger & better graphics. Looks like it should go through at some point over the weekend, and you can see a preview trailer of the new features on our website and on YouTube (search for Carrum Update Trailer).

    If you liked the game before, you’ll love it now – and if you weren’t sure you liked the original, try the update!

  5. I look forward to trying the new update

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