Xbox Community Games round up no.1 5th April 09










It was a very slow week for XBLCG this week and I didn’t think any of the games were good enough to be called game of the week, but here are my brief thoughts on each game from the last week.


Rocket FartOfficial description: Rocket Fart is a strangely compelling arcade-style game where players must use gaseous emissions to stave off certain death. With lava below him, only by continuously eating food can Ignatius keep his fart meter filled enough to rocket himself to safety. Look out for the all-important golden taco.

Unfortunately I found nothing about this game compelling. It is a game that has been done many times before, use your rockets to stay in the air and capture items to re-fuel your rockets. The twist in this game is that rather than using a rocket to stay in the air and keep you out of the lava, you fart. We all love a fart joke but unfortunately that is not enough to keep this game in the air.

2 Joysticks = Poor



Next WarOfficial description: Fight across the galaxy in an exciting 2D tower defence game. Build towers, research upgrades, and obliterate the enemy in 10 campaign missions and skirmish mode. The war needs you! For Earth! And all her colonies!

I am not going to rate Next War as it is a Tower Defence game and those really are not my kind of thing. So go and download the demo and try it out. Why not let me know what you think of it while you are at it?



Fish Racer ArcadeOfficial description: Race through the sea while avoiding obstacles and your opponents. Collect power ups to give yourself that extra edge. The last fish swimming wins! 2 – 4 players

I have heard a few people saying they liked this game, OXM UK certainly did and while I can see there is some fun to be had in multiplayer races, I just didn’t find Fish Racer Arcade making me want more.

3 Joysticks = Average



Beat BloxOfficial description: BeatBlox is a music-oriented action-puzzle game where you scramble to match blocks to the beat of a wide variety of music. Are you ready?

Beat Blox is a nice take on block puzzle games. Create chains of blocks to connect to the exploding square to stay alive and see a tune through to the end. It’s fast and furious and quite challenging. Although it lacks the polish of some other games it is worth a try.

3 Joysticks = Average



A Bombs AwayOfficial description: Introducing a new character with a very short fuse! Jump around, spin the level and collect clocks to stop yourself from exploding.

This Bomb Jack clone seems to be aimed at the younger audience, but the awkward and over sensitive controls will probably make it a little difficult for them. The game is not without it’s charm and it is worth downloading the demo to make up your own minds.

3 Joysticks = Average


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