Lips update and Leadboards now live


Lips has at last received it’s update. The download process is a little bit cumbersome, but the instructions are clear enough, so you shouldn’t have any problems with it.

The update adds a few new things, mic calibration is now automatic. This is noticeable when you are singing. The vibrato multiplier also takes longer to increase.

The main addition is the world-wide leaderboards. This is the function we were most interested in as the friend challenge mode didn’t really work very well and everyone wants to know how friends scores compare to theirs .

The good news is that Inis Studios has done a great job with the implementation of the leaderboards. You can find them on each track in the Sing section. Just click on the song of your choice and you will see Ranking as your third on the list of available actions. There are separate leaderboards for single/vs and co-op. When you do go into the leaderboards you get to see the top 100 and your score on the same page, which is a nice touch. If you want to see how your friends have done just press the Y button.

This update may have been a long time coming and should have probably been on the full retail version before release, but better late than never. I can certainly see a lot of people playing Lips more than they were before.


2 Responses

  1. This is nice to have an update for lips. This is a great party game with friends to all hours of the morning. The one thing I would like to see updated is the way your own music is compiled in the game. It takes forever to add songs towards the end of the alphabet if you have a lot of songs/bands on your Ipod/zune/mp3 player. Then, once you have uploaded the songs it is just a jumbled mess. There has to be a way to make it a more clean and easy on the eyes experience for all the songs you have in ones my music space in the game. And why do certain unrestricted songs not work? its always a 50/50 chance on whether the song will play or not. Some sort of way to bring up song lyrics from a web site would be be a huge benefit as well.

  2. is there anyway of viewing the online leaderboard from the internet? I have tried for ages and can’t find it there’s one but it says coming soon.. If anyone could tell me where to find a working leaderboard it would be truely appreciated. thanks.

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