Community games sales analysis from Gamerbyte

More excellent sales analysis of XBLCG sales from Gamerbyte:

[Compiling many of the statistics from XNA Community Games’ first data dump, GamerBytes editor Ryan Langley takes an in-depth look at what the divulged sales numbers mean for the future of the service.]

Over the past week we’ve looked at the sales data for tens of games, but today we’re specifically looking at two of the most popular ones – Word Soup and ZP2K9.

We look into the regional sales for both titles and discuss how each region has reacted to XNA Community Games, and which aren’t paying attention to the XNA Community Game space. We also look at what conversion rates from trials to sales are like at the later points in the life.

regionswordsoup.pngWord Soup, while a version of a very popular pub game in Great Britain, still had its largest base in America. 66% of the overall sales were in the United States with the United Kingdom taking up 26% of sales, and Canada third with 6%. The final 3 regions – France, Italy and Spain all did incredibly poorly, making up a total of 0.25% of the total sales. Less than a percent, a mere 22 copies in all.

regionszp2k9.pngAt the same time ZP2K9 has has somewhat similar results. 77% of sales were from the United States, 15% in the United Kingdom and 6% in Canada. Again the collection of France, Italy and Spain made up very little – a total of 2% of overall sales with 68 copies out of the 3386 copies the game sold.

To read the rest of this article click here:


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