XBLCG price reductions

Thanks to the guys over at XNPlay, they have posted a list of games that have had price alterations.

I had no Idea some of these had been reduced. So if any of these games are on your list you  can grab yourself a bargain.

As for Easy Golf being reduced to 400 Points, that is just mad. It was good value at 800 Points. So jump in to one of the best games around and you will not be disappointed.

Game Was Now
Cosmos 400 200
Easy Golf 800 400
Writer’s Block 400 200
Fireplace 400 200
Tail Gun Charlie 400 200
Retro One 400 200
Drift 400 200
Abstacked 200 400!
RPaints 400 200
Crystal Crush 400 200
Bomber Boing 400 200



2 Responses

  1. It’s good to see that the makers can now change the prices of games.

    Also 400 points for Easy Golf is “cheap as chips!”

  2. I’ll have to put a list together of games that need a price reduction.

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