Top Ten Community Games

Welcome to XboxHornet’s Top Ten Community Games, this is your chance to tell us your top ten games, we will then keep a league table of your favourite games. Readers can send their top ten games in once a month and I will keep a league table of the games. Please include your gamer tag when you send in your lists.

Send your top ten in to:

March League Table

Game Points
Miner Dig Deep 19
Easy Golf 16
Colosseum 10
Blow 10
Zoomaroom 8
ZP2K9 8
Carneyvale 7
Word Soup 7
Bowling X 6
Johnny Platform 5
Snake 360 4
Poker Squares 4
Cavein Miner Rescue 3
Tomato Blaster 2
Brick4Ever 1

Readers top ten:

Ralphcardboard – March ’08

1. Colosseum, 2. Miner Dig Deep, 3. Blow, 4. Easy Golf, 5. CarneryVale Showtime,  6. Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp, 7. Snake360,  8. Zoomaroom,  9. Tomato Blaster,  10. Bricks4Ever

Xbox Hornet – March ’08

, 1. Miner Dig Deep2. Easy Golf, 3. ZP2K9, 4. Word Soup, 5. Bowling X, 6. Zoomaroom, 7. Poker Squares, 8 Cavein Miner Rescue, 9. Blow, 10. Carneyvale Showtime


3 Responses

  1. Send in your Top 10 games so I can get Aprils league up and running

  2. Wouldn’t it be better to wait till near the end of the month to send them in instead of the very start?

    Also you should probably link to the marketplace entries for the games since this seems to be designed to help people figure out what to look for in the mess of games.

  3. You can send them in anytime as this will be an ongoing league.

    I’ll try to find time to add the marketplace links. Thanks

    And your right, that was sort of the idea, to give people an idea of what games to check out. Thanks for posting.

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