Win a Kingdom for Keflings code

Thanks for reading this post. The code has been given away. The winners was MrdinkDW

We have a code to give away for the hit Xbox Live Arcade game Kingdom for Kelflings(KfK) courtesy of the kind people at Ninja Bee.

All you have to do to win is be the 10th person to email The title of your email should be Kingdom for Keflings code. Only one email per person.

So one lucky reader will be building their very own kingdom soon. KfK was the first Xbox game to use Avatars. It is a firm favourite with us, but don’t take our word for it, here is what some of the reviewers had to say about the game.

“The do-what-you-like pacing, charming presentation, and endlessly addictive nature of tackling increasingly complex structures…mirrors an addiction we haven’t experienced since we last preened in our pretty pinata gardnes.” –Matt Cabral, OXM, 9.0/10, Editor’s Choice Award

“Even the best strategist could enjoy a fun workout like this…the best part is that it’s an all-ages primer for those who aren’t big on strategy games… A Kingdom for Keflings will be a nice addition to your XBLA library.”–Andy Eddy, TeamXbox, 8.7/10, Editor’s Choice Award

“If you’re looking for a laid back alternative to the typical XBLA fare, ‘A Kingdom for Keflings’ is for you. It’s a humorous, low-pressure/high reward strategy game that gives your brand new Xbox avatar something fun to do.”–Terry Terrones, GamePro, FunFactor 4.25/5

“In addition to the go-at-your-own-pace gameplay and steady stream of unlockable prizes, the music and art of A Kingdom for Keflings add a lot of appeal. The joyful tunes are relaxing, and the cartoony graphics are oozing with endearing charm”–Mitch Dyer, GameSpot, 8.0/10

“After spending an hour or so in Kefling-land, I’d turn it off and do something else for a bit, but my thoughts would eventually roll back around to my ever-growing kingdom. Sooner rather than later, I’d be back to build again. It’s the kind of pace rarely set by videogames, and I found it refreshing.”–Ryan Geddes, IGN, 8.2/10, Editor’s Choice Award

The winner will be anounced on my blog

A Kingdom for Keflings
Downloadable now on your Xbox 360

Build your own Medieval world using your own customized Xbox Live Avatar in A Kingdom for Keflings, the city-building game from NinjaBee. Create your own private world, or construct a kingdom with your friends over Xbox LIVE!

Game features


The full game lets you save your progress (including unlocked achievements and gamer pictures), and includes:

  • In-game playable Xbox Live Avatars
  • An interactive world featuring little Keflings who help you harvest resources and build your kingdom
  • A large selection of components and buildings you can use in creating your own world
  • Customization features like statues and topiary and the ability to paint roofs and walls to your liking
  • A cooperative city-building experience with up to 4 players online with Xbox LIVE
  • A unique set of achievements, leaderboards, and other Live features
  • Additional downloadable content coming soon

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