Pegzo comes to Xbox – pictures and video


For all those of you that remember Solitaire, it is definately worth checking out Pegzo, it has great production values and plays and feels really great.  Here is the press release from Wam games a start up company based in Manchester.
Pegzo Takes Peg Solitaire into High Definition

10 March 2009 – WAM! Games has released Pegzo for the Xbox 360 on the Xbox Live Community Games channel.

Pegzo is a modern re-working of the classic peg solitaire game.  Instead of the traditional peg or marble, animated 3D characters jump over each other until only one is left.  As you solve more puzzles, you unlock more characters to add to your collection.

The game starts with easy puzzles to allow the player to build up their skills gradually.  Players can undo moves all the way back to the beginning of the puzzle, something that’s not really possible with a real-world solitaire board, and which makes the Xbox version more approachable.

There are sixty-four puzzles in total, and all but the very easiest can be solved in many different ways, with stars and unlocks awarded for the most elegant solutions.

“Martin and I had worked on huge games for a long time and when the opportunity arose to do something smaller, and really make it shine, I was chomping at the bit”, said artist Will Storer, “Pegzo has opened up a whole load of new possibilities for me as an artist, and the process has given us a clear insight for our next title.”

“We really enjoyed making Pegzo,” said Martin Stone, the programming half of WAM! Games, “In a small team like ours you get to do a bit of everything.  It’s quite a contrast to working on a triple-A title.”
Pricing and Availability

Pegzo can be downloaded from the Xbox marketplace web site or via the Xbox Dashboard in the Community Games area. The trial version is free and the full version costs 400 Microsoft points.
About WAM! Games Ltd

WAM! Games is based in Manchester, England. It was formed in 2008 by experienced game developers Martin Stone (World Rally Championship, Motorstorm, FIFA) and Will Storer (World Rally Championship, Motorstorm).  The company was incorporated in early 2009.

For more information, please visit

For anyone stuck on level 1.5 here is the solution.


Read user reviews and have your say here;

Download a demo of the game straight to your Xbox here;


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