XBLA: Sudden Entry: NCAA Basketball On XBLA Next Week?


In a very strange move, it appears that EA will be releasing a completely unannounced, unheard of title for the Xbox Live Arcade next week – A March Madness version of NCAA Basketball.

According to GameSpot’s exclusive interview with producer Connor Dougan, NCAA Basketball: MME will allow players to play through the NCAA tournament with all 65 teams – but removes most of the bells and whistles, including online play.

The game is made essentially for those who follow March Madness, but haven’t picked up a NCAA Basketball game before. This is in contrast to their NHL 3-On-3 Arcade game, which was meant for those who don’t follow NHL all that closely and wanted a cheap, fun Hockey game.

The game is apparently out next week, but it looks like it will only be released in the US, since it has not appeared in the OFLC, PEGI or USK rating system. It’s not in the ESRB either, but I’m sure that’ll change this weekend. It will retail for 1,200 MSP and is an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive.

The game also appears to have an incredibly simple set of achievements – only 4 are in the game. Kind of makes you feel like the game was very quickly put together.

Now hopefully they’ll make a arcade style NBA Basketball game for the XBLA and PSN so that the world can enjoy some NBA Jam style gameplay. NHL 3-On-3 Arcade is now a great party game and my brother loves playing it with his mates down here in Australia, and the world loves Basketball too.

Source: GameSpot – Exclusive: First Look at NCAA Basketball 09: March Madness Edition


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