Golden Royal Omaha Hold’em is coming to Xbox Live

SGN have just anounced a new game coming to their XBLCG line up. Gloden Royal Omaha Hold’em will be joining their hit games Golden Royal Black Jack;

and Slottso Party;

Here is what Patrick from SGN Games had to say;

“Golden Royal Omaha Hold’em is the game the players of Golden Royal Blackjack have been asking for.

There are some things I can say about it. The game supports single player offline game play versus computer opponents as well as playing with up to seven ( may be cut down to five other people depending on the art, right now it plays with a max of 8 players total ) other people via Xbox LIVE online. There are two modes of online play, standard and tournament. In standard play, the players can come and go as they please and the game never ends. In tournament play, the host has options they can choose such as the starting amount of chips and the tournament end conditions. Players who wish to join online can see all this information and choose the game they would like to join. Like our other games, this one also includes 20 in-game awards. The ranking system of earning ranks has been replaced though with an Online Ranking System based on the wins and losses of the player. A player’s rank is based upon how they compare to other real players. This is a complete change from Golden Royal Blackjack and Slottso Party where the Rank increments over time.
    Like Golden Royal Blackjack, this game will also be available for 200 Microsoft Points.”

We’ll post some pictures of Golden Royal Ohama Hold’em as soon as we have some, it’ll be interesting to see how the game shapes up. The addition of online ranking will be a most welcome feature.


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