Barf and Beer Xbox Live

Right off I am going to say that  Barf  and beer on XBLCG is going to split opinion right down the middle. For some it´s going to be considered a piece of puerile/vulgar tripe. While others are going to find it a hilarious experience.

Either way it is going to get people talking. The object of the game is to drink a pint of beer as quickly as possible, but you´ll need to burp to fit in all that beer or else you´ll barf.

In essence it´s a button bashing game that is very simple and in single player mode did not hold much attraction for me.

 Get a few mates round and there are more than a few laughs to be had for your 200 MS points. The one part of the game that got more belly laughs than any other was where when someone burps, you can punch them to make them sick. Believe it or not this bought into play quite a few tactics, team up or die would be my tip.

Now I have to say this game is not for kids and has a community rating to show that, so parents, stop being fools and turn on your family settings – and stop buying your 12year old GTA while you are at it!

We had a chance to ask Dan Haffner what was his inspiration for making  Barf and Beer. Here is what he had to say;

“The main inspiration was the fire-building game in Caveman Games for the NES!   It was basically a button-tapping game, with the twist that you could interact with the other player by clubbing them on the head!  Back when I was about twelve my friend Brian and I played the fire-building game for hours, and it stuck with me to this day how adding the ability to interfere with your opponent’s button-tapping made the game more fun and intense.  There are probably more recent games that have this gameplay mechanic, but Caveman Games was the first that I remember.  When I got the opportunity to use Game Studio I thought it would be fun to make something edgy, since I’ve always been accused of stepping over the line.  So I decided to make a drinking game, which fortunately could make great use of similar gameplay!”

I think Dan´s higher education may have played a part too. Only joking.

Well, Barf  or Beer is indeed vulgar, so if you don´t like the name of the game I suggest you steer well clear. I for one am happy to see the widest variety of games possible on XBLCG, after all that is why MS made the service available. It is just a pity that it is only available in the US at the moment.

Drink up.

US 360 owners can download the game here;


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