Games coming to Xbox 360

A couple of games that we will be covering in depth, but for now look out for articles on these up coming XBLCG games; (edit: thanks to Catalin for the correction and for reading the blog)

Snax Lite

Here’s what Emanouel of Phasedgames had to say about the game;

It is a casual/arcade game that is based on the premise of speed, strategy, and hand to eye coordination. In short it’s a fast paced cooking arcade game that will be playable by people of all ages and gaming backgrounds. It currently runs on the Xbox 360 in for the Xbox Live Community Games environment. We have invested countless hours and resources to develop, produce, and polish this game. We believe that Snax Lite will bring a new dimension to the current gaming market.

Find more info at;


Kris gave us the low down on Nasty.

Nasty is a fast paced action game in which a one or two players must defeat all the enemies on one level before being allowed to progress to the next. Each player is equipped with a gun then can use to shoot the enemies and they can additionally collect various power-ups throughout the game to make killing the enemies an easier task. As players progress through the 50+ levels, they will be met by increasingly difficult enemies and bosses. In addition to the normal game, there will also be a four player battle mode where players can attempt to defeat each other.

Find more info at;


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