First screen shots of Duality ZF for the Xbox 360

Yellow ship dying
Yellow ship dying

With the 360 establishing itself as the home for shoot’em ups, indie company Xona are pitching in with a very promising game. Here is how they describe Daulity ZF

Duality Innovation:

Duality: ZF introduces a few innovative duality features:

  1. DUAL-SL, a weapon system with spread and laser features. It morphs from spread to laser and back via trigger controls.
  2. DUAL PLAY allows you to control two players at once. Its an underground concept born in Japanese arcades by expert gamers. DUAL PLAY offers double the firepower. It suits newcomers in easy modes and allows experts to challenge extended expert modes.
  3. DUAL-HL, a prototype weapon system in development; may not make launch date.




  1. Duality: ZF is the first video game to support DUAL PLAY natively.*
  2. Duality: ZF is the first 2D shooter (shoot’em up, shmup) video game to support eight independently controlled fighters simultaneously.



Duality: ZF has high-action, intense, quick-reflex gameplay.



Duality: ZF has simple gameplay. Move and shoot. No bombs that blow up everything on the screen. No powerups that power you down or switch weapons against your wishes. Move and shoot. That’s it. Playing is about skill of missing enemy bullets with skill of shooting enemies down. There are no complex controls or weapons to master. Move and shoot.


Amazing Control:

When you die, it is your fault, not because of poor controls or a slow fighter. The Duality: ZF fighter you control is extremely agile and powerful. We challenge you with challenging stages, not with an inferior fighter with inferior controls.


Release Date (NEW):

February 28, 2009 in Xbox LIVE Community Games (XBLCG), available to all Xbox LIVE users in the New Xbox Experience (NXE).




Duality: ZF is a 2D shooter made by 2D shooter fans. It is the 2D shooter that we have always wanted to play. It gives us great pleasure to realize this goal and (soon) share our dream with other 2D shooter fans around the world.

Duality ZF is looking like it is going to have massive appeal with shoot’em up fans every where. With an online scoreboard and four player local play, this is one XBLG title to look out for.

You can video of the game running and join the official facebook group of the game here;



2 Responses

  1. Thank you for the mention. We appreciated it!

  2. No worries, it’s getting quite a few hits. Every little helps

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