Exit 2 hitting XBLA this week too


Exit 2 is hitting XBLA this week, it was a late, but welcome announcement. It is available for 800 MS points.

Mr. ESC, the escape artist, is back in Exit 2, and this time he is rescuing people all over the world before time runs out. To escape safely, use your head to find a route and work with people you rescue to overcome tricky obstacles. Compete for the fastest clear time and aim to become the world’s top escape artist. Exit 2 is the definitive escape puzzle game!

  • More characters and excitement: Rescue people from danger all over the world, and welcome “Macho” and “Dog” as new companions, joining those from the previous game.
  • More challenges: Over 10 new challenges have been added, increasing the puzzle and action elements even further.
  • Massive gameplay: This massive game consists of 240 stages with an additional 30 original Xbox 360® stages available for download.
Visit the Xbox.com page here;

One Response

  1. The first Exit was so slow paced that I never finished. I liked it ok, but wish it was quicker paced. Maybe Exit 2 will speed things up.

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