Slottso Party hands on

We have just had a chance to play Slottso Party and I must say it is looking pretty slick.

Not having played the slotts for a long time I looked at the screen and thought, this is going to be too complicated for me. I need not have worried, within a couple of minutes they seemed like second nature. Quite an achievement for a game with so much going on.

The combination of slot machine, bingo and lottery tickets flow from one to another so you are only ever really dealing with one at a time. This works really well

I’m looking forward to trying it online. I think SGN may have a hit on their hands

Keep posted for more Slottso Party news.


3 Responses

  1. That does sound fun. I’ll have to check it out once it releases.

  2. I think this game could get seriously addictive, especially in multiplayer mode. It is going to have up to 32 players playing at once.

    It’ll definitely be one of those games you dip into when you need a break from Gears.

  3. Now all we need is money to spit out from the TV when we in!

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