Trinity Wars Prologue : Spine of the World – Preview & Official Trailer

Coming soon to XBOX Live Community Games Trinity Wars Prologue : Spine of the World (TWP)
A wanderer from the west flees his homeland and arrives in the Dwarven mountains. Seeking knowledge and purpose, he is plunged in the middle of a plot to unravel alliances and awaken evil. Little does he know that he is about to take part in an even larger plot that endangers all of Trinity. A side scrolling Action-RPG. Choose from 7 classes and 34 skills as your hero progresses through the World of Trinity. Customize your equipment with over 40 enchantments.

So what is different about TWP? Here is the low down from Travon Santerre one of the developers.

The game features an actual storyline and voice acting, something not many games to date have. We have been at it for 6 months and are submitting it into playtesting later today or possibly tomorrow. The game has many hours of game play and has good replay value.

You start as the basic class, adventurer. After ingame events you are given a first class change to either wizard, warrior, or rogue. Later in the game you make a second class change to an advanced version of the previous classes. Each change introduces a unique set of skills, both passive and active. Money found in chests and dropped from enemies can be spent on weapons, armor, or potions. Runes and Gems can be used to apply random enchantments to your weapons and armor.

Our game is an Action-RPG that takes place in the fantasy world of Trinity. It is the start of a series of RPGs we will be releasing for the XBOX 360 Community Games. Our next chapter of the story will be a more traditional console style RPG. If Faxanadu and Diablo had a child, it would be Trinity Wars Prologue : Spine of the World. Please check out our webiste or feel free to fire off questions about the gameplay, classes, skills, enchantments, or storyline.

Trinity Wars Prologue looks like an interesting title and it is good to see someone trying to do something different on XBLCG. It’s going into peer review as I type, so expect TWP to be hitting your dashboards soon. Hopefully we’ll be speaking to Travon after the release.


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