Xbox Live game Scrambled Egzz first look



 Challenge your family and friends in a test of your vocabulary and problem solving skills. Unscramble the biggest word, use strategy and wits to outwit your opponent and the clock and be the winner. Four game modes including fun filled two player challenges.


Scrambled Egzz is a simple word game, think Countdown’s Conundrum, that is pretty much what this game is. It has two single player modes-Timed Pass, which has no time limit so it’s good for practising. Timed, where you have to complete as many conundrums as possible in a time limit.

What I like about the game play is that all the conundrums have seven words, but you can score points with smaller words. This means you can hold those letters while looking for bigger words.

The two player modes interested me more (I play Word Soup a lot and my only complaint with that game is the lack of a two player option). The first is Timed, where you take turns to make the largest word possible in the time limit.

The second two player mode is Outbid, this version is the most similar to Countdown’s Conundrum. You bid how many letters you are going to use in your word, the highest bid gets to answer. If both bids are the same it is the player that bids first that gets to answer. Be careful when bidding though, if you get your answer wrong you’ll lose points.


Overall Scrambled Egzz is worth the 200 points, Word Soup fans should give it a try, although not as polished, the two player option makes it worth a punt. My only criticism would be that the music doesn’t really fit the game and there is no option to turn it off.

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