If Carlsberg made games they would have probably made Miner Dig Deep (review)


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Miner Dig Deep, probably the best £1.70 game in the world.


I say probably, because there are bound to be some great downloadable games on the PC that are just as good, but not many I’m sure, because Miner Dig Deep is the rarest of gems in this day and age of online and multiplayer gaming. It is a simple single player game that will suck you in and keep you playing till the end.
The official description of the game is as follows – Dig and expand your mine to find greater treasures from the depths. Build the deepest mine so you can make your fortune in rare gems and metals from the earth below. It doesn’t really make you want to play the game does it?
So let’s expand on that a little. Your little miner dude has to make his fortune digging for precious ore. You start the game outside a shop in the open air with a pleasant guitar track playing as back ground music. You can go in and buy new items to help you with the mining. The problem being you can’t afford much apart from the oil to keep your lamp burning. But the items available in the shop (ladders, lifts etc.) hint at the task ahead.
On the way to the mine entrance you pass a tent in which you can save your game as often as you come to the surface. Once in the mine the music changes to a slightly more oppressive tune that fits well with being under ground. One of the first things you come across is a piece of a Blueprint, you will need to collect all of these so that new equipment becomes available in the shop. Digging is easy, just hold the x button, but don’t get too carried away with the mining, because if you don’t have a ladder or can’t get back up you’ll have to be rescued and you will lose all the ore you have mined.

The other way you lose the ore you have been toiling for, is if a rock falls on you. Don’t panic you won’t die, but it is a real bummer to waist all that hard work, so make sure you have plenty of oil in your lamp so you can see what you are doing. Tip; digging blind is very dangerous.


When you start to get deeper into the mine you soon find that you need a better lamp that will last longer, it sees further too. Also as you descend you’ll find new more valuable ore, the little cheer from your miner every time you find something new is quite gratifying. When looking for ore be careful not to dig out the mine too extensively though as you may cause a cave in.
You soon discover that your bag doesn’t hold very much, so you’ll have to save up for a better one. This is the basic mechanic of the game, the deeper you go, the more rewards you get. With bigger and better equipment available and more valuable gems and ore to find. These rewards a timed to perfection, just as you start to think that the game may get boring you find something new, a drill, a barrier to break though or a teleporter for example.
The mine goes down a long way, but the pace of the game is just right. It keeps you wanting to look just a little further. After all, there is something in all of us that wants to know what is round the corner and the makers of this game have tapped into that human trait perfectly.
I found the guitar music soundtrack to be a breath of fresh air and the game play a joy. If this doesn’t become one of the best selling Xbox Live Community Games, there is no justice in the world.

Keep digging, there is a reward.

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3 Responses

  1. I’m glad I read your post here because Miner Dig Deep is great. I had not thought about playing it but after all the great rating it was getting on XNAratings.com I decided to. Now I’m addicted 🙂

  2. Thanks for the support, there are some great community games out there. We just need to spread the word.

    And yes indeed Miner Dig Deep is very addictive.

  3. nice post…
    cant wait to see the new one….

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