Slottso Party coming to Xbox Live

Coming very soon to XBLCG for 400 MS points.

We’re looking forward at XboxHornet to trying this game out, if the ambitious 31 player online works, this could become a hit on Xbox Live.

We’ll keep you informed when we hear more.


We’re having a party! A Slottso Party! And you’re invited. Slottso Party is a fast paced game that is a little of Slots, a little of Scratch-off Lottery Tickets, and a touch of Bingo. In each of 10 rounds match the shapes from the slot machine spin to your lottery ticket. You have to match fast as the timer is ticking. When all the shapes for a ticket have been matched, the ticket flips over and you scratch for a prize of points. Win with the highest score. Play with up to 30 other players on Xbox LIVE.



3D Graphics in Standard and High Definition

Play with up to 30 other players over Xbox LIVE

Earn 20 in-game Awards

Display your favorite in-game Award Icon in the game to show it off

Over 30 different Lottery Tickets to scratch. Some Tickets have special features such as sharing your winnings.

Visist SGN here;





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