Shaddow Fox coming to Xbox Live

Thanks to the guys at Prolifik Studios for answering a few questions for us.

What is shadow fox:
 It’s a fast paced sword swinging bomb throwing magic using game mad by a ambitious team of three hardcore gamers. devoted to game play and originality.

What is the story behind shadow fox:
A town known for its extensive knowledge of magic and swordsmanship has for a long time been  guarding an ancient evil from coming out and racking havoc on the world the evil has escaped and its up too you to fight your way through them discover how they escaped and seal them back up forever.
I cant get it in to detail because Iwant to keep it a surprise, I plan to make this a very in depth game with plenty to do so you can keep going back again.

Fast paced action is the soul of this game, think of slice and dice loud bombs flying across the screen and bosses that will have you shouting for joy. What i believe is good game play  that  is fun and challenging, something that will have you saying did i just do that.
Prolifik Studios have also promised that
The levels will be dynamic and not just boring and linear.
Enemies will respond well and are challenging
The game is gonna be visually beautiful and have a unique style.

The graphics certainly look interesting from the early videos, we’ll be keeping an eye on Shadow Fox’s progress

For more updates  check out Polifik Studios blog and of course keep an eye on XboxHornet


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