R-Type Dimensions first look.

At first look R-Type Dimensions seems to be expensive at 1200 points, but with 2 whole games included is it?
Well only you can decide for yourself. Dimensions has online co-op, the capability to switch seamlessly between 2D and snazzy 3D graphics with the touch of the Y button. There is also the addition of the all new Infinite mode, where you can play through to the end of the game trying to use as few lives and scoring as many points as possible. This mode will be a welcome inclusion to those like me, who loved the arcade game, but were just really not very good at it.
You can wait for reviews to decide if you are going to buy R-Type, but I have opted to spend my 1200 points and I am sure that there are a lot of fans of the game that will be striking down the evil Bydo Empire as you read this.

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